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Freight and Logistics: The Way Forward

//Freight and Logistics: The Way Forward

Freight and Logistics: The Way Forward

For GMC Transport Co Ltd, which specialises in freight services to the pharma industry, distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply-chain management of pharmaceutical products.  Sara Buttigieg, a director at GMC, says “To maintain the original quality of pharmaceutical products, all entities involved in the distribution process have to comply with the principles of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).  GDP can be described as that part of quality assurance that ensures that the quality of a pharmaceutical product is maintained by means of adequate control of the numerous activities which occur during the entire freight and distribution process.  With respect to transportation, requirements include care of the product during transport, control of temperature, risk assessments of transport routes and control over the vehicle used.  These are ensured through investment in technology and written procedures, which allow for continuous training of key personnel, appropriate storage conditions, and regular maintenance and calibration of vehicles and equipment” she says.pharma2

Ms Buttigieg says that to reinforce the company’s efforts in maintaining high quality standards, GMC Transport has worked extremely hard on gaining accreditation through ISO 9001:2008 certification.  She adds “We have based our foundations on a tradition of commitment to our customers.  Inspection, auditing and certification of compliance with such a  quality system based on GDP principles strengthens that commitment and provides a formal mechanism for improvement by triggering appropriate corrective and preventive measure.  In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, quality and consistency are absolutely vital to meeting best-practice standards.  ISO 9001:2008 certification assures companies in this field that we have met these high standards to provide them with the highest quality of transportation service.”  Read more on page nine of The Business Observer…


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