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Growing requirements to be met by the transport business calls for sophisticated and efficient ways of cargo handling. For this, GMC Transport offers the perfect solution.

GMC  Transport  has  been  delivering  reliable  and  efficient  freight  forwarding solutions since 1984. The company covers all aspects of this  sector,  from  planning,  organisation  and  management  to  control  and execution of freight transport operations in the supply chain.

As supply chains become more geographically intricate, their success depends  more  and  more  on  the  expertise  of  competent  transport  intermediaries. We provide clients with a single-source solution that makes  their  goods  reach  their  destinations  efficiently  and  cost­-effectively.

The  Company  practices  Quality  Management  principles  throughout  its operations in line with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Own fleet and trustworthy partnerships

To ensure a safe and reliable service, the company uses its own fleet of  trucks  and  trailers  and  a  network  of  partners,  which  match  the  company’s strict requirements. All our vehicles have long been fitted with  a  satellite-based  cargo  tracing  and  fleet  monitoring  system.  As  consignments  can  be  tracked  and  traced  easily,  we  can  offer  our clients  more  control  over  their  operations  and  speed  in  taking  decisions.

Proactive attitude

Our  employees  are  our  greatest  asset.  Our  competent,  high-skilled  professionals  work  on  customised  logistics  solutions  and  support customers  with  expertise  and  commitment.  What  distinguishes  our  staff is their ability to listen carefully and provide feasible solutions, as  we  believe  in  win-win  situations  and  long-term  trustworthy  relationships with customers.